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    Holiday Eat-Drink-Create Packages

    Join us to create gifts or just have some fun with family and friends this holiday! EAT-DRINK-CREATE PACKAGES Just $25 per person for groups of 10+

    EAT (choose 1)

    - Hummus & Olive Tapenade
    - Cheese Plate
    - House Salad (may add chicken)
    - Caesar Salad (may add chicken)
    - Turkey & Smoked Gouda Sandwich
    - Chicken Pesto & Brie Sandwich
    - Roasted Veggie Sandwich
    - Artisan Pizzas (Cheese, Pepperoni, Chicken Pesto, BBQ Chicken, Veggie)
    - Any Kids Menu Item (Turkey Dog, Turkey Roll Up, Chicken Strips)

    DRINK (choose 1)

    - Unlimited Soda, Coffee or Tea
    - Glass of Bogle Wine (Chardonnay, Merlot, Red Zin Blend, Cabernet)
    - Glass of Menage 'a Trois Muscato
    - Beer (Corona, Sierra Nevada, Gofdon Biersch Marzen, Stella Cider)

    CREATE (choose 1 project) additional items may be purchased at material cost

    - Choose any size Canvas Panel to paint with acrylic
    - Choose any glass (wine glass, beer glass, mug or votive candle holder) to paint or etch
    - Choose a glass, wood or Art Bistro ceramic ornament to paint or wood burn (add $5 for all ceramic you'd like to have kiln fired glaze)